About us

A part of the renowned Sharma Group of Companies founded by Late Shri M. C. Sharma, Sharma Industries is engaged in the manufacturing and export of Rugs/Mats, Bags, Fashion Accessories, and Home Furnishing items. With unmatched global connections, the company caters to prominent and renowned buyers from USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan etc. We believe that our success is the result of our innovation, product quality, competitive cost and timely delivery of orders. Our underlying attention to customer need takes precedence over anything else. We have a stronghold in procuring raw material, dyeing, weaving, stitching, embroidery,  printing, processing and quality control. Our stringent checking and Quality Control processes across the entire manufacturing system ensure flawless quality products. An ERP system lends professional competence to the company affairs to manage the systems at all levels.

Production  Capacity

Rugs/Mats: 4,00,000 Sq Ft Per Month.

Bags & Fashion Accessories Item: 60,000 Pcs Per Month.


Our company is equipped with weaving, stitching, printing and embroidery facility. The team of designers and skilled artisans understand the market trend and create the new samples as per buyer's requirement. The team of merchandisers, production, Quality control and logistics work closely to ensure the quality and timely delivery of orders.

Functional Area :

Unit C-28 : 50,000 Sq.ft.

Other Units : 2,00,000 Sq.ft.

Social Accountability

We conduct our business with a strict ethical standard, We follow the law of our country, we pay all legal wages and benefits to our staff and workers. We never use child labor or forced labor in any process. We provide a  safe  & healthy working environment in accordance with applicable local laws to prevent, accidents and injuries. We abide by the environmental laws of our country and share our commitment to environmental excellence.


Our company has been awarded many times by the government of India for excellent growth. We believe that the strength of our achievement is rooted in the depth of our passion.